I began studying classical guitar at the G. Verdi Institute of Music in Asti and went on to study philosophical hermeneutics in Turin with the philosopher Gianni Vattimo, with whom I graduated in 1998 with a work on the American critical theorist Fredric Jameson. During those years I was active in the Italian indie music scene as a guitarist member in various bands and finally in the roster of the Mescal record label.

I perfected my musical studies with guitarists Christian Saggese (classical guitar) and Pino Russo (jazz guitar), and in parallel I started my first solo collaborations in live audio-visual performance projects, installations and laptop performances, or electro-acoustic performances. In my early experiments I worked with electric guitar, electronic measuring equipment, microphones and modular DSP software.

In the early 2000s I stopped in Germany, where I attended composition masterclasses and private lessons held at the Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg, in particular with Mark Andre and Detlef Heusinger. As a stipendiary of the Experimentalstudio, I also attended composition classes in Warsaw with Claus Steffen-Mahnkopf and Uroš Rojko, and also a composition course with Pierluigi Billone at the Fieri-Aglaia Department of the University of Palermo organised by the Pase association in Venice.

My music has been performed, among other venues or festivals, at Issue Project Room, Cafe Oto, Logos Foundation, Netmage Festival, Live!iXem, PEAM, O Artoteca, Ostrava Days, Detmold Concert Hall, Hoeve Lichtenberg, Stony Brook University, Gaudeamus Musik Week, Unerhörte Musik, Dublin Project Arts Centre, or presented in the context of intermedia projects at Dolomiti Contemporanee, Athens Video Art Festival, Torino Film Festival, Montreal Nouveau Cinéma, Galerie La Rada Locarno, New York Film & Video Festival, Open Ear Festival, Cartes Flux, OFFF Barcelona, E.M.A.F., Palazzo Strozzi, Fondazione Buziol, Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci.

Since 2015 I have been curating in Berlin along with the visual artist Valentina Besegher the new music series Cluster, dedicated to sound investigation with a focus on contemporary languages and interdisciplinarity in time-based art, which aims at offering an exchange platform for musicians, composers and performers.

My personal research deals with the theme of temporality in music/sound and the correlation between listening and thinking.

Parallel and/or Past Projects:
Flushing Device (guitar+live electronics, electronic music, field recording)
Massobrio / Besegher (live audiovisual, live cinema, film)
Andrea Dojmi / Flushing Device (live audiovisual, live cinema, film)

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