Cluster #21 Double-bill concert w/ Marta Forsberg and Massobrio/Koole/Besegher

Fri. 14. October
KM28, Berlin
19:30 DOORS 20:30 CONCERT

Five Phenomenological Studies (2004–08)
An interdisciplinary performance based on my compositional cycle for electric guitar, which unfolds a 30 minutes temporal experience through the interaction of gestural music, video projections and typing.

i – X1 Cigny (2004)
ii – Emergences (2008)
iii – Submerged Choirs (2005)

Matthias Koole, e-guitars, electronics
Alessandro Massobrio, e-guitar, electronics, typing
Valentina Besegher, live visuals


Music Current Commission Award 2022/23

I am very pleased to be the recipient of this year’s Music Current commission.

For the Music Current festival 2023 I will focus on a new work for piano and electric guitar with the aim of expanding my research on acoustic stirrings and exploring the space of resonance in these two string instruments (acoustic resonances but also inner resonances). I am very happy about this and look forward to working with musicians Izumi Kimura (piano) and Shane Latimer (guitar) to develop the work.


Lichtbrechungen – New Work at outHEAR New Music Week – Ensemble Klangforum Wien

I am happy to announce the fellowship at this year outHEAR New Music Week in Larissa and the commission of a new chamber piece to be premiered in concert by the ensemble in residence Klangforum Wien together with their apprentices of PPCM.

Looking forward to the sympposium and classes with faculty members Franck Bedrossian, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Orestis Toufektsis, and very grateful to the festival organisers for the postponements and the effort in making an in-situ event possible at this time.



5 Phaenomenological Studies – w/ M. Koole and V. Besegher

I am currently at work with musician and friend Matthias Koole on revising my ten-year cycle of guitar pieces “5 Phaenomenological Studies” (2004-2014). The full cycle with Besegher’s visual and light re-work will be presented at KM28 Berlin in the concert program “Submerged Choirs”.


Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____

Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____
“All Sources are Broken” A Post-digital Reading Group

Workshop (w/ Valentina Besegher)

:: June 8, 16:00-18:00 CET ::

“We create parallel narratives starting from the reading and rereading paths contributed by the users”.

Subscribe Link: https://bit.ly/3w0JHqv

More info: https://bit.ly/3x2AMFe


Cluster#14: “I miei ricordi sono più duri delle rocce” Alessandro Massobrio and Valentina Besegher solo exhibition

Massobrio, Besegher - I miei ricordi sono più duri delle rocce
image courtesy – Valentina Besegher

Online Opening: TBA
Regular opening hours: 1 March to 28 March 2021, Mon-Fri 14:00-18:00. Please check on Labor Neunzehn about possible variations and updates in the program due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

The exhibition is kindly supported by field notes – Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Treptow-Köpenick



Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the mise-en-music festival 2020 will be live streamed. My piece “Senza” will be performed on Aug. 18.

Yumi Suehiro (piano)
Josh Perry (percussion)

Ensemble mise-en

Livestream concert link: https://youtu.be/YuyQBQTCcv8



Visiting composer in New York City at mise-en-music festival

“Senza” (for piano and percussion)
to Yumi Suehiro and Josh Perry (Ensemble mise-en)

mise-en-music new music festival in Brooklyn.



All Sources Are Broken @ Simultan Festival

Artist talk about the internet-based project “All Sources Are Broken” by Labor Neunzehn, co-curated with Valentina Besegher.

Simultan Festival, Timisoara.


GENEVA. CHAPTER ONE @ the NewFilmmakers NY

Film screening , Geneva Chapter One, by Valentina Besegher, with my music and sound.

Anthology Film Archives, New York.
Curated by Lili White


New piece for string trio and field recording

Working on a new piece for string trio and field recording…recollecting memories.

massobrio villa deati string trio


All Sources Are Broken: a post-digital reading group workshop @ Urgent Publishing Conference in Arnhem

I’m glad to run with Valentina Besegher the workshop “All Sources Are Broken: a post-digital reading group” as a part of the conference “Urgent Publishing – new strategies in post-truth times” by the Institute of Network Cultures
All info here


Jenner Live Cinema w/ Valentina Besegher @Besides the Screen Conference in Porto


Geneva.Chapter one w/ Valentina Besegher @Off Borders Festival

“Geneva.Chapter one” a film by Valentina Besegher with music of Alessandro Massobrio performed by LUX:NM and produced by Labor Neunzehn, will be screened from May 21th to May 22th at Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki in Greece, on the occasion of “Off Borders Festival” festival of electroacoustic music, video and performing art.


Jenner Live Cinema w/ Valentina Besegher @21e Recontres Traverse Video in Toulouse


Transmediale face value – Panel and Workshop w/ Rhizome

Webrecorder workshop and panel “Growing a Repertoire: The Preservation of Net Art as Resistance to Digital Industrialism”
With Lozana Rossenova and Dragan Espenschied.


Artists’ film programme: selected by Corin Sworn

The film Illumination Complete Action #5, by Andrea Dojmi, with my music and location recordings, will be a part of the Artists’ Film Programme at the Tetley in Leeds UK.



Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival

The film Geveva. Chapter one by Valentina Besegher, an ongoing film and installation project on which I collaborate, will be screened at Harstad Kino, Northern Norway, on the occasion of the first edition of the Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival amiff.no


New collaboration with Anselmo Fox

I have just started a new inspiring collaboration with the artist Anselmo Fox, with whom am currently at work on the sound concept for the video installation Habitate II. More to come, I am looking forward to fresh developments and to complete the work.


Isadora Werkstatt Berlin 2016

Valentina Besegher and I will be performing our live cinema “Jenner” at the Isadora Werkstatt Berlin 2016, organized by Isadora’s creator Mark Coniglio and the TroikaTronix team at the Uferstudios and the Uferhallen.



Live cinema performance with Valentina Besegher. An event presented by Scope – curated by AudeRrose. Spektrum, Bürknerstraße 12
12047 Berlin.


Unerhörte Musik

Julia Den Boer will perform debole forza at the Unerhörte Musik series in BKA Theater in Berlin.


Musica Estrahna – Encontro Internacional de Música Exploratória

Marc Tritschler will premiere my new piano piece …a lungo in São Paulo.  Aron Kitzig: slide projections



Festival Música Estranha

Premiere of …a lungo for piano by Marc Tritschler at the Música Estrahna Festival in São Paulo.

Portrait of Absence, program notes:



Gaudeamus Muziekweek

The excellent Zwerm electric guitar quartet will be performing my piece Pale Blue Meadows once more during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek.


mediaartbase collection

I am glad that the video art work Try Hard Johnny!, in collaboration with Valentina Besegher (link is external), has been included in the European Media Art Festival Archive at the mediaartbase.de (link is external) database for media art and art documentation.


Festival Internazionale della Chitarra di Lagonegro

Lagonegro International Guitar Festival XXX Edition “Blackie” World Tour – New Music for Electric Guitar Solo Compositions by Corghi, Franco, Colombo Taccani, Albini, Sriteder, Massobrio, Taglietti, De Rossi Re, Zorn.

Sergio Sorrentino: electric guitar 



Event / Group Exhibition @ Agora Berlin

Geneva Chapter One

2-channel audio-video loop installation (music: Ensemble Lux:nm)


C.A.R. Media Art Fair

Die C.A.R. Video-Lounge, presented by Directors Lounge Berlin www.contemporaryartruhr.de


Directors Lounge Berlin

Screening “Try Hard Johnny!”



Composition master class with Pierluigi Billone at the Università degli Studi di Palermo, Dipartimento Fieri-Aglaia, Palermo PAS-E.


Scholarship at the Experimentalstudio des SWR

@Matrix Academy – Goethe Institut in Warsaw, with Uroš Rojko and Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf


Recording at deSingel with Zwerm

Recording Session at deSingel

Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet – Pale Blue Meadows


International conference on Spatial Audio

Pale Blue Meadows WFS revision ZWERM + Benny Sluchin.

Performed by Zwerm

Sound direction: Hannes Fritsch + IRCAM.

Photo gallery:


Zwerm – Timestretch @CIAP

Zwerm will perform my piece Pale Blue Meadows as a part of the program “Timestretch”, with music by Larry Polansky, Guy De Bièvre, James Tenney, Alessandro Massobrio and Beau Sievers.


Ostrava Days festival

Zwerm will perform Pale Blue Meadows at the Ostrava Philharmonic Hall in Ostrava.

Photo gallery:


Dolomiti contemporanee

Instsallation: The distance to the sun w/ and by Andrea Dojmi @Sass muss, Belluno. Curated by Andrea Bruciati.


Intro in Situ festival

3-day festival @ Kasteelhoeve Lichtenberg, Maastricht. Zwerm quartet performs Pale Blue Meadows.


DARMSTADT INSTITUTE 2011 @ Issue Project Room

Pale Blue Meadows premiére by Zwerm. Score and live electronics revision for the quartet, as a part of TIMESTRETCH program. Max/msp programming by Hannes Fritsch. Concert program: Ontslaan – Larry Polansky Pale Blue Meadows – Alessandro Massobrio Septet – James Tenney Tooytoods – Larry Polansky Music in similar motion – Philip Glass


Matrix11 Perspectives of Live Electronics

Composition master class with Mark Andre. Matrix Acedemy @ the Experimentalstudio des SWR, Freiburg – May 29 to June 4.


Movimenti di immagini acustiche

Workshop (29.10.) + Performance (30.10.) @ O’ Milano.

Introduction to theory and practice of the main mobile sound recording techniques and the use of sound sources in different fields, from sound design to cinema, from digital editing to the use of digital sources in instrumental moderne composition, electronic music and live electronics.

Soundwalk at the building sites at “Isola” in Milan: how the old neighborhood is going to be affected by the work in progress of “Città della Moda”.

Speakers: Ricciarda Belgiojoso, Alessandro Massobrio, Fabio Orsi, Natasha Barrett

Curated by USO Project and Antitesi in collaboration with O’.

Photo gallery:


Matrix10 Perspectives on Live Electronics

Matrix10 Perspectives on Live Electronics @ Experimentalstudio des SWR. Master class with Detlef Heusinger and Mark Andre.


Alternative film/video Festival

Try Hard Johnny! @ Alternative film/video Festival in Novi Beograad, Serbia.
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings


The distance to the sun – film screening

Film screening – w/ and by Andrea Dojmi – The distance to the sun

Andrea Bruciati presents “The distance to the sun”.

Venue: Laboratorio di restauro della Soprintendenza per i beni storici, artistici ed etnoantropologici per le province di Verona, Rovigo e Vicenza. 


Tabor Film Festival

Try Hard Johnny!
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.


ISFF Detmold

Try Hard Johnny! 
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings


Netmage 09

The distance to the sun, live media performance @ Netmage, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna.

Live Media Floor. Live audiovisual performance.
Andrea Dojmi: film projection + Alessandro Massobrio (aka flushing device): guitar and live electronics.


Phono-photographie / collection#4

w/ Valentina Besegher

Phono-photographie is a project of Guillaume Loizillon.

“Mettre en relation deux écritures: celle par la lumière et celle par l’onde acoustique. Le son ne commente pas l’image et n’en est pas non plus la part audible. Pourtant, cette inter- relation oblige à une reconstruction, une reconsidération, une dérive du regard et de l’écoute.”


Canariasmediafest – Festival Internacional de Artes y Culturas Digitales.

Try Hard Johnny!
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.


Oslo screen festival

Try Hard Johnny! @ Cinematheque in Oslo.
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.


Open Ear

Try Hard Johnny! @ Athrium Theatre, Cardiff.
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.


E.M.A.F. – European Media Art Festival

Try Hard Johnny! in Osnabrück.
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.


Cartes Flux

Try Hard Johnny! @ Cultural Centre of Espoo, Finland
film: Valentina Besegher + sound: Alessandro Massobrio.
Mixed techniques: found footage, 8mm. films, environmental and voice recordings.



Monotono @ Palazzo Strozzi.

Videoinstallation w/ Valentina Besegher


Live iXem! 06

Monotono w/ Valentina Besegher