Emergences for guitar

for e-guitar and analog reverb unit
Alessandro Massobrio

Studio per chitarra elettrica III – pressione e scordatura

Where do sounds come from? Does a sound originate on the surface or inside of the object? And what is their directionality with respect to Individuation? This study piece investigates pressure and touch as parameters for the self-organization of rudimentary sounds. The notation in this piece has to be seen only as an aid for action, rather than as a set of complex informations about pitch, duration, expression, or about timbre as a result of the combination of these elements. Hence, the final result of the piece will be intentionally non-accurate and partially uncontrollable, depending on the particular body-sound interaction.

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The electrified body of the guitar is taken as a transmitting surface. Magnetic poles attractions, string vibrations and uncertain gestures are capable of disclosing a relatively wide range of inner sound qualities, from dark to bright, from resonant to dull. This way, a sound palette is produced starting from a limited number of parameters. Stand-alone emergences are shaped as a consequence of elementary gestures, whereby complexity arises. 

This study is a part of a composition for large ensemble including, among e-guitar, percussions, ocarina, flûte à coulisse, strings, woodwinds and two pianos.

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