Pale Blue Meadows

for 4 e-guitars
Zwerm electric guitar quartet

4 e-guitars and live electronics.

Studio per chitarra elettrica ii – reverbero e cluster progressivi (for 5 guitars and live electronics) 2008

Rev. 2009 (for Zwerm)

Rev. 2011 (for the ETI Detmold Wave Field Synthesis)

Under the light of an other sun / Not-known shadows projections / The picture of the pale blue meadows hints at an asymmetry in perception as an effect of variations in lights and perspectives / The extended use of decay leads to a non-converging relation between what guitarists are really playing and what they are actually listening / The performers feel a sensorial disagreement between touch and hear, and as many illusions come to life for the ears of the listener. Within the floating delated stream of the piece, light brushed gestures could produce growing unchecked dynamics, whereas energetic actions turn into passages which are nearly at the border of audibility.

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