Try Hard Johnny!

archive, synthesiser with custom-software, audio-collage
w/ Valentina Besegher

Johnny is a child. Johnny can’t play the game, because everyone gets in his hair. It’s just a matter of changing, or altering his own face. With a smiley face, he would be considerate of others…still there is a gap between the inside and the outside, an ambiguity of the memory, which is a game making fun of us while fixing its rules through time and generations. The social guidance films of the Fifties are here deconstructed, misplaced and overlapped with authors’ super8 films and sounds in oder to remark the deafness in which the communication imperative always is, as well as the ambivalence of sound and voice in human language. The speaking voices and their subjects slide down into a vortex of references and dreamlike analogies, while the music creates a crucial, deep, mental environment.

a film by Valentina Besegher

image courtesy © valentina besegher

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